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Guidelines of Participation for mastermind groups

The success of any mastermind group depends greatly on your level of commitment and your integrity. The value you get from participating in the mastermind group depends on your commitment to do the work between meetings and to show up fully. To help ensure benefit for yourself, please expect to spend up to 2-4 hours in meetings (4-8 hours/month) on assignments, contribution to the message boards, and meeting preparation and reflection.

Please abide by the following statements when participating in a mastermind group. If unable to follow the guidelines let us know. If unable then you may not be a good fit and will be removed.

I will come to meetings prepared to discuss current situations and assignments if applicable.
I will abide by the agenda set for the group.
I will share my needs and seek group input whenever asked to do so.
I will willingly and generously contribute ideas and solutions to the needs others bring to the meetings.
I will treat others with respect and follow the communication guidelines provided by the facilitator to the best of my ability.
I will add all meetings to my schedule and make it a priority to attend every meeting.
I will share my knowledge of relevant resources that I believe will help others increase their success.
I will not judge how others define success.

I will support others toward whatever they hope to achieve.
I will make every effort to arrive on time and participate fully in the meetings.

I recognize that all of the information shared in the group is confidential and not to be discussed outside of the group.

Efforts will be made to place you in a group that meets at a convenient time. Groups do have a maximum number of members depending upon the group makeup and focus.