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- and several other ways that will help you get more listings and sales

Put an end to the misery and drudgery of banging your head against the phone trying to get clients.

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Like other agents you can certainly add all sorts of credentials and all those letters after their names. That is all well and good, however, home buyers and home sellers usually do not know what those abbreviations stand for. Those credentials are not recognized by the exact people who agents want to impress.... the potential clients.

This is not just an issue for newer agents. Experienced agents can have the same issue. It can take years of efforts to get the recognition needed to become the person that gets mentioned when someone is looking for buying and selling help. 

Every year nearly every agent will make social media posts of how they achieved an award for sales, number of transactions, etc.

The problem with that is this: social media is flooded with agents sharing their accomplishments. With agents all sharing similar things around the same time, it is to the point that the value of the award is decreased because it seems that nearly everyone gets an award.

It has the perception of being a participation trophy

It does not provide very much uniqueness when many others get the same thing.

A study done by the National Association of Realtors reported that the number of agents that a seller contacted before deciding who they would list showed that over 65% contacted only one agent (72% in 2015).

This study also showed that 42% sellers found their agent through referral by or is a friend, neighbor or relative. Buyers also found their agent by referral 41% of the time in 2015

These results confirm that you need to do things that will help you stand out. You need to be the first agent thought of or recommended to help ensure your business and career does great!

You get the client by being first thought of and not by having more "credentials" behind your name the other agent! The potential clients are not likely to interview more than just one agent!

There are things that can be done to help you stand out and get the outstanding advantage.

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Agent commissions are valuable. The rate of rising home prices means that the value of getting a client is getting even more valuable.

Get this list of things you can do to help yourself standout and be seen as an authority and therefore "the" person to contact for buying and selling real estate. In it will be what is considered the best way to be seen as an authority. Not only is it the best way for credibility it also has the fantastic ability to be kept for years and not thrown away like most business cards. This results in your getting more home buyers and home sellers.

Even if you are an experienced real estate agent with lots of knowledge and credentials, that may not matter. The reason it may not matter is because of this factor, if your name does not get out to others, especially new potential clients, then your business will not grow as fast as you want, if at all.

Everyone needs to stay visible and top of mind if they want to get business, so even if you have been selling real estate for years and years, you still need to prospect and keep your name Top of Mind. You need to be remembered when the right place and time happens in the lives of potential buyers, sellers, and investors. 

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